Your personal information is exactly that, yours. By browsing the web you often share little bits of information here and there that make your shopping experience faster, safer and more convenient.

Who is processing your information?

Wash My Wheels.

These domains, subdomains and applications are all part of Wash My Wheels, owned by Wash My Wheels:



What do we collect and why?

We collect various pieces of information at different stages of your buying journey, depending on what stage you are at and why we collect it.

Some of this information is considered to be Personally Identifiable Information (PII), however this is only collected with your explicit consent, stored securely and processed accordingly.

Customer Information collects the following information from the purchaser:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Delivery and Billing Address
  • IP Address
    • Used for Fraud & Loss Prevention
  • User-ID
    • The User-ID allows us to recognise multiple visits, interactions and engagement with better accuracy. This allows us to provide a consistent service to you as a user.

Our Promises

  • We show the same prices to all customers all the time.
    • If you have a discount applied, the full value price is the same for every customer.
  • We will never sell, share or reproduce your personal information

We recommend reading the policies provided by third parties that we work with to provide the service we offer.